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Pest control is a necessary treatment for every region. Different pests infest according to the location of the property. For example, bird pests are common near beaches. Spiders and cockroaches in unhygienic homes. Rats are common near sewers and factories. Also, bees and wasps are attracted to gardens. Therefore, pests should be taken care of on time. This helps in preventing expensive damage. As well as increasing the safety and hygiene of the place. Are you looking for local pest control companies near you in St George? 

Ezy Clean Pest offers a high standard of pest control services. Firstly, our key goal is providing customer satisfaction and pest free homes. Secondly, we welcome all types of pest control requests and enquiries. Our pest control St George team perform hygienic pest treatments. Whether it is residential pest control or commercial pest control, we are happy to serve you. Call on 02 4058 2769 to request a quick appointment or any pest control advice. 

Our approach towards performing reliable pest control

Here is the process of pest and insect control we use – 

  • Inspection – Initially, our pest exterminator will schedule a pest inspection. The routine inspections aim to – focus on pest infested areas. For example, storage areas, docks, gardens, attics. Likewise, the aim is to identify pest entry and exit points. Therefore, this helps in identifying the type of pest we are dealing with. 
  • Treating the cause of pest infestation – Next, the cause of infestation is identified. There are many sources of attraction for pests. For instance, food, moisture, specific fragrance, stagnant water and others. The pest control St George team takes care of this cause. And also close all the entry points. 
  • Treatment process – There are different methods of pest extermination. Like chemical and non-chemical methods. This includes fumigation, fogging, traps and baits. The process of fumigation is effective and simple. The infested area is covered completely. And chemical gases are released inside the packed area. Therefore, this will kill all the pests. 
  • Pesticides spray – Some pests only require pesticides for removal. Therefore, we also use spraying for mosquitoes and spiders. 
  • Baits and repellents – On the other hand, some pests require baits & repellents for the treatment. For instance, rats, termites and cockroaches.
  • Dead pest removal – Lastly, our team offers dead pest removal services. Contact us today to know more. 

Various properties and premises we offer our pest control services in St George 

Firstly, any pest control process should be safe and effective. Therefore, our pest control St George team will perform hassle-free pest control service at your property. Our team pest control St George does pest treatment all over the region. Are you worried about expensive pest control charges? Our team pest control St George offers a pocket-friendly pest inspection cost. 

  • Hospitals and other clinics 
  • Academic institutions like schools, colleges and others. 
  • Manufacturing Industries and factories
  • Private homes and residential apartments
  • All commercial places 
  • Restaurants, hotels, cafes and other eateries
  • Public places like malls 
  • Kids health-care centres

Our special pest control services in and around St George  

  • End of lease pest control services – Are you living in a rented property? Well, we provide pest removal services in such places. We can perform all types of pest control treatment for end of lease services. Such as – pest control for rats, spiders, termites and others. Hence, call us to book your quotation now. 
  • Emergency pest control Services – Want hassle-free local pest control near you? You are on the right page. The pest control St George team offers emergency pest control now in St George. Moreover, our services are non-toxic pest control. Hence, get your easy booking now. 
  • Eco-friendly pest treatment – Are you worried about harmful pest control products? Well, you can trust us. Firstly, we have quality and professional pest control services. Secondly, all our services are eco-friendly pest control. Get all this at our reasonable pest control cost. 
  • Large area pest infestation treatment – Are you planning to get pest control on a big area? We can do it for you. We perform both inspection and treatment services. Also, the cost of pest inspection is affordable. 

The reasons to trust our pest control and removal services 

  • Firstly, we have a wide range of affordable pest control services. Hence, get your desired pest control process at cheap pest control prices. 
  • Also, we are a team of highly trained professionals. Our pest control St George experts are known to protect homes and businesses from pests. We also have pet-friendly pest control.
  • We are a reliable local pest company. With the right local expertise in St George. 
  • We have licensed and certified pest control professionals. Hence, you can trust our services. 
  • Our customer care is available all round the clock near you. Even during the holidays and weekends. Therefore, a quality pest control service is just a call away. 


  1. Why is professional pest control better than DIY?

Professionals are capable of providing the correct treatment. Identifying the main source and treating them requires the right knowledge. Moreover, we use extensively tested and tried products. 

  1. Do you provide bug extermination services here in St George? 

Our team pest control at St George provides treatment to all the pests. Hence, we also do bug extermination. Call us to book your appointment today. 

  1. Is your pest control safe for my family, kids and pets? 

Yes, all our pest control services are toxic-free. Hence, the pesticides and chemicals we use are safe for kids and pets. Hence, book us for pet-safe pest control today.