Silverfish Control Sydney

Silverfish Control Sydney

Silverfish are known to be small silvery insects, which is mostly found in dark as well as quiet environments throughout the locality. These pests are usually active in the night time, and they prefer to nest in place of moisture such as basement wall cavities. Silverfish are known to be destructive pests present in the house of a person as they love to eat items with high starch content. The prime targets of silverfish are books, cotton fabrics, and magazines. However, if a person wants to protect his or her valuable items then they should consider taking help from silverfish control sydney based experts.

    Signs of Silverfish Infestation

    The silverfish pest is nocturnal and their identification is quite difficult. However, here is some of the identification by Best Silverfish Control in Sydney experts which would help a person to identify silverfish infestation.

    • Cast Skin and Tiny Feces:

      The cast feces and skin of silverfish looks like pepper. Thus, if a person detects any of these in their houses, there are chances their house if being highly infested by silverfish. 

    • Holes:

      Silverfish can also cause holes in the wallpaper. Hence, the presence of holes can also indicate the infestation of silverfish. 

    • Yellow Stains:

      Silverfish can cause fabric, wallpapers, and books to turn yellow. 

    • Moisture Locks:

      Silverfish usually prefers moisture and they get trapped inside bathtubs as well as sinks. Therefore, a person should look for the same areas for infestation. 

    • Inspect the Clothes:

      Silverfish usually eat cotton, silk, and lines. So, if a person wants to check silverfish infestation then he or she should check their clothes. 

    • Inspect for Places that have Glue:

      A person may not be aware but Ezy Pest Control silverfish control experts have found that these pests love to eat gum and glue. Thus, a person should look at furniture as well as other areas where glue might be used. 

    • Cardboard Boxes:

      The most favorable place includes cardboard boxes, bookbinding, and magazines. Therefore, looking at these places can also help a person to be aware of the infestation of silverfish in their house. 

    Our Methods to Control Silverfish Infestation

    The experts of Ezy Clean Pest have been successfully dealing with the infestation of silverfish in their customer house.

    However, A Person Can Choose to Take Consultation from Our Silverfish Control Experts. 

    • Pro-Active Silverfish Control Spray:

      We spray the solution in areas and keep children as well as animals away for the area to allow it to be dried completely. 
      Then we apply a chemical to the wall as well as floor junctions below the washing machine and cookers every 30 days for ensuring complete eradication. 

    • Cyper WP:

      It is a wettable powder which is visible on dark surfaces. A person should spray it on the entry points as well as baseboards. 

    • Dust:

      Our experts suggest using dust in place of silverfish infestation such as attic insulation, behind refrigerators and ovens. In addition, a person can also use D-Fense dust and Cimexa Dust on the area for silverfish pest control. 

    • Baits:

      Baits can easily attract silverfish. They eat them and die on the spot. The baits used by our experts include intice perimeter 10 and invict express. 

    Hence, a person can choose to adopt the above-mentioned methods and prevent the return of pests in the house. However, if some things are out of control a person would find it hard to deal with a silverfish infestation in their house.

    Expert Silverfish Control Sydney

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