Possum Removal Sydney

Local And Affordable Professional Possum Removal Team In Sydney

We are a professional possum removal service company in Sydney. Possums are tiny pest animals. Moreover, they are also kept as pets in many families. But they are capable of causing extensive damage to properties. Hence, possums become pests and they need a professional lookout for treatment. 

EZY Clean Pest is a well-known possum removal service provider in Sydney. Firstly, we are a professional team. We have the experience and the right knowledge to execute pest control on possums. Also, we understand that possums need to be removed safely and not hurt or harm them. Hence, are you deciding on getting possum control in Sydney? Call our team on 02 4058 2769 for further assistance and details. 

Possum Removal Sydney

Types Of Possums That Infest In Your Home 

Possums are a common animal found in huge numbers in Australia. Moreover, they have a similar appearance to rats. Hence, you can come across 23 different kinds of species nearby in Sydney. And Sydney has the comfortable environment these possums look for.  Here are some of the possums you will come across – 

  • Common Brushtail Possum – These possums are usually found in grey, black and gold colour. This possum has a bushy tail also. And the most common places these possums are found are chimneys, attics, sheds, garages and roofs. Moreover, they have ears that just appear like a rat’s ear. These possums are carnivorous – they feed on plants and animals. 
  • Common Ringtail Possum – Ringtail possums are quite smaller in size if we compare.  They are usually found in brown colour which has a grey undertone. If you notice a possum with a white/cream coloured belly then it is a ringtail possum.  And they have teeny tiny ears. All possums have a habit of screeching and frightening. 

Therefore, we take appropriate measures to get rid of them. For instance – we get traps and baits that will help keep them out of your homes. 

Pros Of Choosing Us As Possum Catchers And Removal Team In Melbourne

  • Professional communication – Our team has possum removal experts. And to execute any pest control, it is important to understand the customer’s needs. Hence, our company makes sure to communicate and fulfil all the requirements. 
  •  An eco-friendly approach to pest control – Also, we use methods that are less harmful to the possums and you. Moreover, we do not cause any harm to possums as well.  
  • An integrated approach towards possum removal – More importantly, we use an Integrated process for possum removal. For different situations and severity of the circumstance, we use different methods. Hence, you can trust us and our methods. Our possum removal Sydney undergoes regular training which improves their capability and speed. 
  • Competitive pricing – We do possess competitive pricing options. We believe in quality services at reasonable prices. Hence, we keep our rates as neutral as they need to be. 

Variety Of Possum Services Offered By Our Team In Sydney

  • Possum inspection and removal- Firstly, make sure to notice possum infestation signs in your home. Therefore, once you are sure our team will come and inspect. And we can figure out the spots and possums at your property.  As a consequence, our possum exterminators will call the necessary team members to perform the removal process. 
  • Same day possum removal – Looking for possum control near me?  We provide innovative solutions to possums in Sydney homes. Hence, we also offer same day possum control services near you.  So that you can experience a hassle-free removal process with us. 
  • Restaurant possum removal – Possums are not a good sign in restaurants. And you might consider getting rid of them immediately. Therefore, call us and we will get rid of all the possums from your restaurants. 
  • Domestic possum removal – Possums can cause hindrance in your daily activities. And also, they will disrupt your sleep with all the noises. As a result, hire a reliable possum inspection and removal service in Sydney. Moreover, possums feed on vegetables, fruits, grains, pulses and new plants. Therefore, possums can be irritating to have around your property. 
  • Pre-purchase Possum Inspection – Firstly, it is always advised to get a pest inspection before moving into a new property. Therefore, our team will perform a quick possum inspection of your new plot. And if we find any we will also remove them instantly. Hence, you can move into your new home peacefully. 
  • Emergency possum removal services – Our company also offers emergency possum removal services in Sydney. Therefore, book our quick and effective possum removal solutions today. Call us to book your emergency quotation right now. We are the best possum catchers in Sydney. 

We Are The Quickest Service Provider In Sydney 

So you can control a possum infestation by hiring our Possum Inspection And Removal Services. Also, our company is considered as a popular home Possum removal service provider in Sydney. We also provide Mouse Pest Control in Sydney at a low cost.


  • Does your company provide last-minute emergency services in Sydney?  
  • Yes, you may make an emergency appointment from anywhere in Sydney. All you have to do now is contact us.

    Can possums be dangerous to humans and cause illnesses? 

    Yes, possums are pests and they are capable of causing damage. Hence, they are considered to be dangerous to have around. Moreover, they do cause illnesses you don’t want to inherit. 

    Should I vacate the homes during the extermination process? 

    It again depends on the situation. If the possums seem to be dangerous our team might ask you to vacate. Or else, there will not be any such inconveniences.