Interesting Facts About Ticks

Its summertime and this means more fun with your pet, though there is one thing that most of us won’t wish to hear about or think about and these are ticks. Their gross-looking and creepy nature create an ambience that calls us to pay a lot of attention to it leave alone spreading diseases. Ticks are deemed to be the most nefarious pests in nature, and you can quickly encounter them while playing with your pet in the tall grasses or a wooded area. Ticks have nefarious effects on both man and pets, which makes it essential to protect ourselves and pets from the ticks. Never underestimate the tick because it can cause big problems such as spreading Lyme disease and fever called the Rocky Mountain spotted fever. 

Tick Pest Control Services
Tick Pest Control Services

That Said and Done Let’s Check Out The Following Interesting Facts About Ticks. 

  • Ticks Act As Mini Vampires in The Sense That They Do Feed on Blood.

    For survival and sustenance ticks do require blood. We do have various types of ticks classified on how the type of mammals that they do feed. For instance, the Blacklegged ticks do rely on other mammals such as pets and even cows. Though they can also suck blood from the humans too buy Tick extermination period is very less. We do have specific ticks that do prefer dogs only, and this includes the brown dog tick and the American dog tick. Dogs are usually easy targets, especially when you go and play with them in the park during summertime. That is why it’s advised that you be checking your dog regularly for ticks. 
  • Ticks Crawl to Find The Host.

    The fact that ticks crawl to find their host makes them be deemed as daredevils. Summertimes are usually the best moments where ticks look for food. They will always crawl to your pet ad clasp on the skin of their hosts in a process called questing. Still you can get rid of them by tick control and Local Pest Control Services in Melbourne.
  • Ticks are Not Classified As Insects.
    Ticks are often mistaken to insects even though they are not insects. They do belong to a class called Arachnid, and their relatives include, spiders, scorpions and mites. Ticks do resemble the mentioned animals in the ways that they do have four legs, and they lack an antennae
  • Ticks are Adapted to Feeding Their Hosts for a Very Long Period.

    When compared to the rest of the biting pests ticks are unique in such a way that they can feed on a single host for a very long period. Before it can transmit any disease to your pet, they have to feed for about 24-48 hours. That is why you must remove them promptly. 
Professional Tick Control Services
Professional Tick Control Services

How Long Does a Tick Take to Mature?

A fully matured tick undergoes four stages namely the egg, larva, nymph and the adult tick in the motioned stages they require to feed on a host except for the egg stage. For a tick to mature fully, it can take up to 3 years. This is when it can now start to reproduce. 

Do not only get surprised with the above tick facts bet let’s give the best we could to get rid of the ticks. Ticks will always pose a significant threat to our lives during the summer period. The health threat is not only for animals but also for people too. When planning to go out and take advantage of the warm weather, then its vital that we have the right preventive measures for the tick bites. You need to be cautious about preventive techniques of removing ticks and never remove them using your bare hands. There are special instruments that can be used to perform this and includes tweezers. 

Let The Professionals Help You

If you are living in a place swarming with Ticks, then you might face  trouble. They can harm your clothes or spread diseases. They can also be very dangerous for your kids; therefore, you need to get rid of them.

We Ezy Pest Control are professional pest control, and we can help you get rid of these Ticks that can harm you directly or indirectly, better than any other herbal pest control services companies, Our pest control team is professionally trained to help people get rid of these harmful ticks safely and quickly. 
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