How Does Pest Control Sydney Professionals’ Help To Treat Wood-Destroying Insects?

Wood-destroying insects cause expensive damage to wooden structures as they are often undetected. These pests are almost invisible and infest the wood silently without notice to the homeowners. Once pests like beetles, wood borers find their way to well-built arch and woodwork, leaving it hollow. Suppose you detect activity like mud tubes, and hollow-sounding wood; immediately contact professionals. Though dealing with each requires a different technique, read here what a professional at Pest control Sydney says.

To Treat First Know Common Wood-Destroying Insects!


Termites are wood-destroying pests that thrive in both dry and moist conditions. The sign of termite infestation is swarms, wings, and mud tubes. They live in colonies and are hundreds to thousands in number.

Carpenter Ants

Unlike termites, they do not eat wood but excavate tunnels where the carpenter ant’s colonies live. Generally, they thrive in rotting wood, but they don’t delay to attack if the home offers moist conditions. The sign of infestation includes:

  • Powder-like debris.
  • Sawdust.
  • Rustling sounds in walls.
  • Approaching dark ants.

 Carpenter Bees

Carpenter bees dig nesting tunnels into wood. They target uncovered and unpainted areas for nesting. When they infest, they create perfectly round entry holes and leave sawdust behind. Additionally, growling, and burrowing sounds can hear from the target areas.

How To Treat Wood-Boring Insects?

Let us see some strategies suggested by experts in Sydney for pest control.


To control these pests, a throughout evaluation is necessary. Firstly, inspect insect activity as they move between outdoor and indoor colonies. Then, inspect the basement, garage, outdoors, and porch for the sign of wood-destroying pests.

Powerful, Effective Bait Products-

Bait treatment is an effective way to destroy wood-damaging pests. Powerful bait kills the ants, and termites as they move between outdoor and indoor nests.

Soil Treatment For Termites

Since termites live in soil, treating is necessary. So first, a professional pest control company Sydney dig around the foundation and then treat it with chemicals that kill termites in soil and home.

Perimeter Treatments

These are effectively ready-to-use concentrate form that quickly kills the termites, bees, and ants.

Wood Treatment

It includes injecting foam, and surface spray to treat wood. Wooden treatment not only kills the existing colonies but also prevents future infestation.

Restrict Wood-Damaging Insects With Pest Control Sydney.

The professional pest control in Sydney uses a unique technique to kill all types of wood-damaging pests. Additionally, they also help to restrict new infestations. They are committed to protecting the home so that you can enjoy a pest-free home.


Gone are those days when chemicals were used to treat the infestation. Nowadays, many physical barriers and baits eliminate wood-destroying pests with minor risks to health and the environment. Nevertheless, keep an eye on the sign of infestation and contact professional pest control Sydney before it’s too late.