Flea Control Sydney

Fleas are usually small in size and they are 1.5 to 4 mm sized parasites that live off the blood of animals as well as humans. They can also cause unpleasant skin reactions as a result of the bites. It is common to find the pets infested with fleas that have gone unnoticed some weeks. The same also goes for humans and usually, flea control Sydney problem can be realised only once it has turned to be a significant infestation. Fleas can turn to be dangerous for the personal health of a person. 

Flea Control Service
Flea Control Service

What to Do In Case of Flea Infestation? 

Well, there is a list of things which a person can do to for flea control in their house. 

Here are Some of The Tips Suggested by Ezy Clean Pest Experts to Do in Flea Infestation.

  • Vacuuming carpets as well as furnishings, cracks in the floorboard and upholstered furniture before the arrival of flea control professionals. If it is possible, then a person should not do the vacuuming for 7 days after the flea treatment.
  • Consulting with the vet and get treated pest ASAP, preferably on the same day of the pest control.
  • A person can also seek Professional Flea Control Sydney Help . However, Ezy Clean Pest technicians provide a complete inspection of fleas.
  • Our technicians are well-skilled, experienced which have been certified for maintaining the best protection from the fleas. 
  • They can understand the habits of various types of fleas as well as can offer the most ideal as well as an effective solution. All the treatment of the experts is safe for pets as well as family members of a person. 

Signs of Flea Infestation 

  • They can be seen crawling on the pet’s coat and they are reddy-brown and have a size of 2mm long.
  • A person should check hind-quarters of the dog or the head as well as neck of the cat. These are some of the areas which are targeted by a flea infestation and a person might see the signs of flea activity.
  • A person can carefully look on the skin of the pet for fine black droppings. This is known to be flea dirt and adult flea faeces look like ground black pepper.
  • The best method to spot the fleas is using a flea comb over the sheet of white paper that makes it easier to see the small black specks.
  • Another major sign of the flea problem is dirt on pet bedding, rugs or carpets. 
Expert Flea Control Service
Expert Flea Control Service

How Our Services Would Be Beneficial? 

We at Ezy Clean Pest work with a major motive to provide our customer back the comfort to rest without any bites on their body. Thus, you can hire our expert technicians to get effective treatment for the flea infestation in their house.

  • The experts working with our company have dealt with no. of flea problems and have knowledge about the best methods for treating a flea infestation. 
  • We provide various treatment options to treat the infestation of fleas in your house. 
  • We provide best-customised treatment plans for preventing flea infestation.