Bed Bug Control Sydney

Bed Bug Control Sydney

There are typically two types of bed bugs that can be found and they are common bed bug and tropical bed bugs. The bed bugs are oval shaped wingless insects and they can move relatively quickly across the ground and up walls when they are threatened. They can turn out to be quite irritating for a person as their bites can leave a mark behind it. So, people need to be quite careful while dealing with a bed bug infestation. However, the help from Ezy Clean Pest can help to make the house free from bed bug control Sydney.

    How to Find About Bed Bug Problem?

    The very first sign of the infestation of the bed bug is the evidence of feeding behavior of bed bugs. Bed bugs usually feed blood from animals as well as humans and usually do the same while a person is asleep unless they have not fed from a long time.

    Some of The Common Symptoms of Bed Bites Include:

    • Clusters of little red bite marks.  
    • Bite marks on arms or shoulders.
    • Raised lumps of irritated skin.
    • Itchy marks on your body. 

    The bite marks of bed bug bites can take up to nine days to appear, however, there is also a variety of skin irritation which can occur because of the allergic reaction caused by bed bug saliva.

    Where Bed Bugs Can Be Found?

    There are a number of places which can be suspected for the presence of bed bugs in the house of a person. Hence, usually, bed bugs like dark and small places where they do not get disturbed. However, they also like to be close to places where people usually sleep. The best places which can be checked for bed bug symptoms and treated during bed bugs control is as follows:

    • Under mattresses or in the seams.
    • Behind paintings.
    • Under or between floorboards. 
    • Behind skirting boards.
    • In cracks between the carpet and the wall.
    • Within bed frames and other furniture.
    • In-wall cracks and crevices.
    • Behind loose wallpaper.

    Bed bugs are usually found in stuffing as well as folds of beds or even inside frequently used furniture. The bed bugs spread very easily as it can also infect anything from suitcases to T-shirts if anyone in family experience symptoms. In this particular case, a person needs to go for bed bug control services by the help of Ezy Clean Pest experts.

    Why There Is Need Of Bed Bug Control?

    • However, bed bugs have not been scientifically proven for transmitting diseases, having bed bugs can turn to be a disturbing experience.  
    • It would not be good to wake up with hundreds of bite over the body and in some cases it can cause some of the allergic reactions in much more serious instances.
    • It would not be a pleasant thought to find out that a person has been sharing his or her bed with hundreds of blood-sucking insects.
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