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Pest Control Sydney

Best Pest Control Sydney

We feel proud to introduce ourselves as a top Sydney Pest Control company. Ezy Clean Pest protects your residential as well as the commercial property being spoiled by the menace of the pest. We are glad to offer a pest control service program that deals with all types of pest-related issues. We always believe in better service at the least possible charge. The latest technique used and the trained professional always aim to protect your interest and safety. Also, we offer a free inspection and consultation program to spread awareness among the people. Ezyclean never gives importance to anything more than their quality of work.

Pest Control Sydney. Looking for local pest control experts in Sydney. Simply, give Ezy Clean Pest a call @ 02 4058 2769 and get reliable pest control services in Sydney.

best pest control sydney

We Promise:

  • No obligation quotes & free advice
  • Residential & Commercial Services
  • Quality Work reasonably priced
  • Weekend work with no extra charges
  • Same day pest control services

    Why Choose Us for Pest Control Sydney?

    No worries if you need the service for your home or for the facility. Ezyclean is always there at your service. The thing which differentiates us from other pest control businesses is nothing but our services, which we deliver at affordable prices. We serve you throughout the clock and twelve months a year because we know that you may get a problem at any time, especially when the weather changes.

    We are Efficient

    The experienced staff and professionals are well trained to deal with the problems. We use advanced techniques in an eco-friendly manner. Moreover, we are hard on the pest while very flexible with the environment. Additionally, we first identify the pest population and based upon that we take our remedial actions. Thus, we follow a very efficient way to deal with pests.

    Pre-Purchase Pest Inspection Service

    It is always advised to get a pre-purchase pest inspection service before you call the professionals for the pest control service. The inspection work makes the service more fair and clear as it helps in knowing about the pests at your place and planning accordingly to give the service which will exterminate the pest completely. You can get this service from the professionals of EZY Clean Pest.

    We are Recognized

    Our main aim is to have a pest-free nation. We have a standing goodwill in the industry of pest control. Further, we claim to provide the best ever possible service with minimum risk and damages to the nation. Also, we fight against the irritating problem caused by all types of pests. Our services include making you free from the menace of ants, cockroaches, pigeons, bedbugs, mice, and some other rigid insect-like moths and spiders. Moreover, our proficient team is well equipped to handle all your pest issues. We offer you and your family a safe and hygienic life free from the menace of pests.

    It is very difficult to eliminate the pest issue from your home permanently. The pests like bed bugs, mice, ants and cockroaches damage the food value. So, it is high time now to take the assistance of Ezy Clean Pest to resolve the problem from the root. Also, we have trained professionals with advanced technology to deal with the problem.

    Same Day Pest Control Sydney

    We at Ezy Clean Pest are a team of enthusiastic and dedicated workers. The team of our professionals can reach your place within a few hours of bookings at an affordable price. Our professionals come with complete preparations even in a short period of time. With our specialised services and effective resources, we make your home and office free from pests. Call now for free quotes today.

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    Pest Lists That We Deal With Daily In Sydney

    Ant Control


    There are various types of species of ants that you can find which differ in appearance, colour, and shape. Though they vary owing to different tributes, all the ant species follow the pre-set caste system in their colonies. Here, you will find queens, males, and workers.

    Best Bedbugs Control Services Sydney

    Bed Bug

    Bed bugs are wingless, small insects. These are often missed by the naked eye, making them dangerous pests. They have oval-shaped bodies and feed on blood.



    You will find numerous beetle species that vary in shape, size, and colour. However, common features include chewing mouthparts, well-developed antennae, and shell-like front wings. These wings, known as elytra, provide protection to insects.

    Best Borer Control Sydney


    Borers are a group of arthropods that gain the name due to their unique ability to bore into rocks, woods, and plant materials. These include various insect species at different stages of their life cycle.

    24/7 Cockroach Control Treatment Sydney


    Classified as one of the troublesome household pests, cockroaches are available in different species. These are generally 2 inches in length and exhibit common features like six legs and two antennae.

    Best Flea Control Sydney


    Fleas are tiny, wingless insects. These have reddish-brown colouration, which deepens upon consuming blood. Despite not having wings, fleas can jump a wide distance.



    Belonging to order Diptera, flies are insects that have two wings. There are numerous species of flies and can transmit different diseases.



    Mites are grouped under the Arachnida class. These are often confused with insects. However, these creatures have eight legs and spread various diseases.

    Mosquito Control


    Grouped under the order Diptera, mosquitoes have slender and elongated bodies. They have scales in their entire body and are responsible for spreading various diseases such as yellow fever, dengue, etc.

    Same Day Pest Control Sydney
    Moth Control


    There are numerous moth species available. These vary in shape, size, and colour. Their wings are mostly covered in scales and display compound eyes. However, they can cause a great deal of damage.



    Native to New Guinea and Australia, possums are a sub-order of marsupials. These are arboreal in nature and are nocturnal, wreaking havoc on human habitats.

    Rats & Mice

    Rats & Mice / Mouse

    Grouped under the order Rodentia, rats and mice are dangerous pests. These warm-blooded mammals can cause a significant amount of damage. However, they differ in various features, which include size.

    Rodent Control


    Rodents fall under the category of Rodentia order. There are many warm-blooded mammals that interfere with human lives and wreak havoc. Though there are numerous species, they have some common characteristics too. These include short limbs, sharp incisors, etc.



    These insects have a fish-like physical appearance, thus explaining the origin of their name. Moreover, they can adapt to almost all climates and thrive in wet areas.

    Best Spider Control Sydney


    Spiders are grouped under the Arachnida class. These creatures have two separate body regions and four pairs of legs. They are mostly harmless, but some can deliver lethal venomous bites.

    Wasp Control

    Bee & Wasp

    Bees and wasps are both stinging insects, making them highly dangerous. However, there are some differences too. For instance, wasps feed on other insects, but bees prefer pollen and nectar.

    Termite Control


    Termites are tiny insects that belong to the Blattodea order. These are often confused with “white ants.”They consume wood and follow a caste system in their colonies.

    Benefits of Hiring Pest Controllers

    There are numerous advantages that you can gain from recruiting pest control experts. Take a look at some of them listed here –

    • Professional pest controllers have immense knowledge of various pests. They also know how to remove them with advanced pest control solutions.
    • Apart from this, they can conduct the pest eradication process while following all the safety protocols.
    • Besides, they have access to the latest tools and devices along with eco-friendly products.
    • Moreover, you can get affordable price rates while saving time.

    Trained Pest Controllers Sydney

    Services That People Book From Us Daily In Sydney

    EZY Clean Pest offers a wide range of pest control services. With top-rated pest control services, we have earned the trust of the residents here. Some of the pests that we eradicate include beetles, bed bugs, flies, termites, etc.

    Here is a list of services that you can get from us –

    ✔ General Pest Inspection and Removal

    : Want to book the best pest inspection services? In that case, give us a call, and our team of certified pest control experts will help you out. With the use of top-grade tools and equipment pieces, we offer exceptional pest inspection and removal services.

    ✔ Residential Pest Control

    : If you want to hire certified pest controllers for getting rid of pests in your home, you can opt for us. We offer top-quality residential pest control services across Sydney. For the best home pest control services, we use high-quality devices and eco-friendly pest control products.

    ✔ Commercial Pest Control

    : Are you searching for excellent commercial pest control services in Sydney? For that, opting for our services can aid you in making your business space pest-free. Besides, we use eco-friendly repellents and top-grade machinery for the job.

    ✔ Pre-purchase Pest Inspection

    : We offer top-notch pre-purchase pest inspection services. Moreover, we use high-quality tools and equipment pieces for the job. Apart from this, you can count on us to offer hassle-free yet safe pest control services.

    ✔ Emergency Pest Control Service

    : Do you want to hire top-rated pest control experts for emergency pest control services? In that case, seeking our help is a great idea. Our team of certified and experienced pest controllers reaches your place as soon as possible and starts the removal process right away!

    ✔ Same Day End of Lease Pest Control

    : If you want to get your bond back without any hassle, then you can opt for our efficient same-day end-of-lease pest control services. We have a team of skilled pest control experts that will make the rental place clean and hygienic in no time. Moreover, we use the latest tools and toxic-free products for getting rid of pests.

    ✔ Dead Pest Removal Service

    : Are you disturbed by the smell of the dead pests in your home? It is natural to remove the dead pests as soon as possible, and that is why we offer top-rated dead pest removal services. Besides, you can ask us for preventive tips and anything else you might want.

    Professional Pest Control Sydney

    Choose Exceptional Services From The Team Of Local Pest Control Experts

    Do you want to opt for the best pest control services in Sydney? In that case, you can seek assistance from our team of reliable pest controllers. Moreover, if you are in need of quick yet professional pest control services, you can count on us. Besides, we use top-grade tools and equipment pieces. Furthermore, you can rely on our local team to help you out at all hours. We also charge attractive price rates for our services. Call us to schedule a booking now!

    Local Pest Controllers Sydney

    Ezy Clean Pest
    Location: 134 King St, Sydney, NSW 2000 Australia
    Ph No: 02 4058 2769


    How often should a homeowner have pest control services performed?

    Pest inspection should be carried out at least once every three months. If required, the professionals can suggest pest control. 

    What methods do you employ in the fight against pests?

    Ezy Clean Pest can handle a wide variety of pests. Our mission is to use the most effective way to eliminate all types of pests. Contacting us will lead you to the most effective answer to your pest infestation issues.

    Does the pest control service come with a guarantee of any kind?

    Yes, we offer a six-month guarantee on our services. Also, if any follow-up services are required to avoid future infestations, we’ll let you know. Get in touch with us on social media to learn more about our offers and services.